VyprVPN Review


VyprVPN is an initiative of Golden Frog, a company that has been at the centre of internet security and services for more than two decades. Vypr was launched in 2009 and has never stopped growing and becoming more simple to use and more efficient. It has always sold itself on its reliability as well as user-friendly clients, and contrary to these traits being neglected in the quest for globalisation, Vypr has improved these even more.


VyprVPN offers two different pricing plans for its users: a standard offering and a Premier plan. The standard offering is fairly basic offering nothing more than access to Vypr’s large network of servers, unlimited downloads and the opportunity to protect three devices. That’s not to be sniffed at – given their commitment to security, that package outweighs a lot of Vypr’s competitors.

However, the real power of Vypr is unleashed when you sign up to the Premier plan. The unlimited download data usage remains, but you are upgraded to five simultaneous connections meaning that you can connect pretty much an entire household with a single subscription. Where it gets really exciting though is that Vypr give all of their Premier subscribers access to their Chameleon protocol (which essentially prevents media owners from throttling VPN traffic as they can no longer detect it – brilliant if you tend to steam lots of video from somewhere like Netflix or YouTube), as well their own dedicated cloud VPN server at no extra cost.

The cost of these packages priced depending on your length of subscription but are priced as $5 USD a month for the basic package and $6.67 a month for the Premier plan if you take out an annual subscription – and we would certainly recommend you do that if you’re thinking of the Premier plan, as paying for it monthly essentially doubles the price of the package and makes it one of the more expensive VPNs on the market.

Payments can be made using credit cards, PayPal, as well as bitcoin.

Security and Encryption

VyprVPN offers OpenVPN, Chameleon, PPTP, and L2TP protocols for encrypting the connections. The Basic package only offers PPTP, which is not quite secure, while other packages offer all other protocols as well. The selling point here is the Chameleon protocol, which scrambled the unmodified OpenVPN AES 256-bit protocol to prevent discovery of a VPN being used through Deep Packet Inspection. This adds further strength to the encryption. One can even use VyprDNS to route all traffic through its servers, which is particularly useful for people in countries like China.
As for security, VyprVPN’s parent company is based in Switzerland, a country famous for respecting the privacy of an individual, both offline and online. There are no data retention laws pestering VyprVPN, although it does keep some connection logs for a month. Activity logs are not kept at all.

Server Locations

VyprVPN offers high-speed servers in more than 50 countries across the world. It has over 700 servers under its name and offers more than 200,000 IPs to its users. This makes for a ton of connectivity options for users. All major locations of the world are covered by VyprVPN like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France, etc.


VyprVPN offers nifty clients for all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition to iOS and Android apps, it also offers apps for routers and Smart TVs. VyprVPN’s clients have a highly interactive user interface and are one of the more easy to use clients, despite being stuffed with useful and exciting features.


This is an area where VyprVPN distances itself from the general lot of the VPN industry. VyprVPN offers some of the best connection speeds we have seen. The speeds are constant over all its servers. Minor drops are experience when the server is located quite far from the test location, but that cannot be helped. Also, there are no DNS or IP leaks with VyprVPN.

Customer support

Customer support is another area when VyprVPN comes out as a winner. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of their service, and they focus greatly on it both with their service and support. Online chat support answers all the queries in the best possible manner. The knowledge base is well stocked with information, and the overall response time for email support is exemplary to say the least.


VyprVPN offers NAT firewall to users who subscribe to its Pro and Premier plans. We already mentioned that they offer multiple connections depending on the plan you choose. Also, it offers a free 3-day trial of its full service.


VyprVPN is one of the best VPN names in the industry as of now. We were really impressed with their service. All areas are taken care of, and there is little discomfort or dissatisfaction in users opting for VyprVPN. The fast connection speeds and strong security are a pleasure to use, and the customer support service is the cherry on the cake. The only inconvenience is the price, but having said that, it is well worth the money you spend.

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