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Thanks to rapid growth, SaferVPN is now one of the leading VPN services in the market. The service, which has its headquarters in Israel, now offers clients highly competitive pricing plans, high-quality services and several offers. These attributes make it compete effectively with other leading VPN services currently available on the market. This review looks at how SaferVPN compares with the other leading VPN services regarding several features such as speed of connectivity, customer support and the strength of server network.


SaferVPN has all the features that are now standard for all leading VPN services. For example, the service has a fairly strong server network that covers more than 24 countries. Many VPN services attempt to distribute their servers in different regions to serve their clients better. Also, individuals in Asia, Africa and other regions of the world are increasingly seeking VPN services. Hence, many new VPN services are spreading servers across the world to cater for the new demand in emerging economies.

Besides the server network, SaferVPN operates in a way that is similar to that of any other standard VPN service. Clients have to sign up for an account, pay specific prices and then install the software on their devices. Once a client has successfully configured a device to use the service, SaferVPN servers take over the process of encrypting and tunnelling client traffic safely.


One of the most interesting aspects of SaferVPN lies in its pricing plan. Essentially, SaferVPN has three pricing plans. The first pricing plan costs about $8 per month. This one month-based pricing plan may be suitable for you if you only intend to use the service on specific occasions. Furthermore, if you use this pricing plan, you will get one connection to the internet via your account. The second pricing plan of this service is the one-year plan. The one-year plan costs about $17 per month. However, when you choose this second pricing plan, you can connect up to three devices to the internet via your SaferVPN account.


SaferVPN has more than 100 servers spread across the world. Some of the leading VPN services in the world have many servers in use. For example, some of the most popular VPN services in the world have more than 900 servers. Therefore, it can be seen that SaferVPN has relatively fewer servers when you compare it to other leading servers.

However, it is important to note that SaferVPN has spread its servers to more than 24 countries. Therefore, the company has managed to build a reliable server network because its servers are spread across different parts of the world.


It is important to point out at this stage that one of the things that undermine the encryption that SaferVPN uses is its policy of retaining logs. Ideally, a VPN service should not retain logs of the activities of the clients.

However, SaferVPN keeps logs of all your activity, although they use standard encryption protocols to encrypt the data of customers. The service then transmits the data through safe tunnels. However, as much as the service and many other services that use similar policies keep logs, it means that clients can easily lose their privacy if a need arises.

Web App

The web app of SaferVPN bears a wonderful design, by all standards. Moreover, the web app of the service has all the basic functionalities within reach. You can carry out all manner of changes to your account using the app. Some of the changes that you can carry out on your account while on the web page of the service include making payments, changing your location preferences and many other changes that you may have to make when using the service.

Moreover, SaferVPN has mobile apps that you can download and use on your mobile devices. As it is the case with nearly all VPN services, you can use apps for Android or iOS. Regardless of your choice, you will be able to use your SaferVPN mobile app to carry out some of the most important functions on your account.


SaferVPN is compatible with a wide range of devices. You can use the VPN service on devices that run on Windows and Mac OS. You can also use it on mobile devices that run on Android or iOS. However, you need to remember that SaferVPN does not work on Linux. Although this is not a major weakness to many users, you still need to consider it when making choices of what you need to use.

Payment Options

Once you choose a specific pricing plan, you will be able to pay for it using a wide range of services. You can use some of the most basic methods which include using your credit card or online wallet account. Besides, you can pay for the service using Bitcoin, which is one of the most common forms of cryptocurrencies in the market.

Customer Support

Given that SaferVPN is small in size when compared to the other leading VPN services, one would expect that the service has in place a wonderful client support team. However, this is not the case. On the contrary, the client support team of the service is average. There are times when you have to wait for long before one of the representatives gets back to you. Therefore, the service has a lot to do to improve its client support team.


In conclusion, SaferVPN remains one of the leading VPN services in the market, despite the fact that it has only 100 servers while the other services have many servers. The service has relatively good connectivity speeds, a competitive pricing plan and uses advanced security features. However, it keeps logs of the activities of its clients, and this may undermine the privacy of the clients.

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