NordVPN Review


NordVPN is a highly recommended VPN. Major corporations praise its service, and common internet users find it quite useful as well. All this is because of its efficient service which leaves the customers without any complaints. The Panama based VPN company has quickly scaled the ranks to become a top player in the VPN business.


NordVPN offers three different pricing plans. The plans are simple, standard, and best offer plans, with the plans being for 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year respectively. The monthly plan is priced at $8 per month, the semi-annual plan is priced at $7 per month billed $42 for six months, and the annual plan is priced at $5.75 per month billed $69 for twelve months. The pricing is not exactly the most reasonable, but it is neither the most expensive. The features and efficiency they provide is by no means overpriced. There is no free trial of their service, though. Payments can be made using different methods like credit cards, PayPal, and anonymous transactions using Bitcoin.

Security and Encryption

NordVPN’s encryption is arguably the strongest among all VPNs today. NordVPN provides SSL based 2048-bit encryption. This is as good as it gets, for they use a double-encryption feature for their connections. Double encryption means an added layer of security for the users’ connection. The feature of Tor over VPN is also offered by NordVPN, but that can reduce connection speeds significantly.
As for protocols, NordVPN supports all the protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSec, and SSTP. Users can choose from all these protocols according to their needs. Since this company is based out from Panama, it does not have to function under any sort of data retention laws. Users need not be concerned about the confidentiality of their internet activity and their anonymity on the internet while using NordVPN. Since they use shared IPs and have their own DNS servers, they offer one of the tightest securities among all VPNs.

Server Locations

NordVPN is a big player in the VPN market because of its efficiency as well as its reach. Its huge user base can take advantage of its emphatic global coverage, with servers from over 51 countries offered to users. All of the 500+ servers that are under NordVPN are high-speed servers, meaning that users experience minimum drop in their connection speed. Users can choose a server from countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, etc. Both shared and dedicated IPs are provided by NordVPN.


NordVPN offers impressive cross-platform compatibility. Their service can be used on all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Dedicated apps are available for Windows and Mac, while well-crafted tutorial is available for Linux. Android and iOS users can use their app to use the service on their device directly. Gaming consoles and Smart TVs are supported by NordVPN as well.


All VPNs reduce your internet browsing speed to some degree. The trick lies in making sure that the reduction is as small and unnoticeable as possible. This is especially difficult in the case of NordVPN, for they offer double encryption on their connections. An extra layer of encryption means further reduction in the internet speeds. However, the reduction in connection speed while using NordVPN is lesser than the reduction while using many other VPNs. This is because Nord uses high-speed servers to reduce the encryption overhead as much as possible. There are dedicated servers for streaming as well, which offer better connection speeds.

Customer support

NordVPN offers a 24X7 online chat support to users as well as an email ticket system. Both of these have support staff that handle the questions quite ably, respond curtly, and offer smart solutions for all your questions and issues. Their knowledge base is also one of the best we have seen as they cover almost all the issues and questions one might have with any facet of their service.


NordVPN offers many other services in addition to their general encryption and anonymizing service. They offer an automatic internet kill switch to protect users in case of unexpected connection drops. A huge list of free proxies is available on their website which users can use to access websites blocked in their region. Users can use their service on up to six devices simultaneously, and they also have a 30-day money back guarantee on their service. P2P is allowed with Nord as well.


In this article, we reviewed NordVPN. We had high expectations form them, and they lived up to our expectations. There was nothing that we did not like in particular about their service. The security they offer is top notch, and the ease of using as well as efficiency of their VPN is one of the best we have seen thus far.

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