BufferedVPN Review


Buffered is one of the newer VPNs in the market. Based out from Hungary, Buffered was founded by three people, one of them being from England, one from Hungary, and one from USA. It was created to provide privacy and security to users when it was most needed. The other purpose that the creators sought to fulfil with Buffered was to provide people with means to stream their favourite content from anywhere.


Buffered VPN offers three different subscription plans to its users. The plans are offered on a monthly, semi-annual, and annual basis. The monthly package is priced at $12.99 per month, the six months package is priced at $9.99 per month billed once at $59.94, and the yearly package is priced at $8.25 per month billed once at $99. The packages offered by Buffered are on the expensive side, and no free trial is offered to users. Payments can be made via credit cards and PayPal. Anonymous payments through Bitcoin are not accepted by Buffered, which was a let-down.

Security and Encryption

Buffered VPN is not the biggest or most popular VPNs in the business, but it still does not slack off when it comes to security and encryption. The OpenVPN protocol offered by them is encrypted using AES 256-bit, with SHA1 for HMAC authentication and RSA 2048 for handshaking in use. The encryption is sound, and is good enough to protect your identity and activity while you are surfing the web.
Since Buffered is based in Hungary, it is not subject to data retention laws of any kind. This is always welcome news when choosing a VPN. Buffered also has a no logs policy, save for a few logs that are used for troubleshooting purposes. These logs are only kept for up to a month. Buffered does not rely on third-party servers either, which adds to the security of the users.

Server Locations

When it comes to server count, Buffered is not a big shot. They have around 30 servers in 33 countries of the world. Their server count is indeed low, but the servers are well placed to give users as many connectivity options as possible. Buffered offers servers in countries like USA, UK, Germany Netherlands, Canada, Australia, etc. Although their server count is low, they act on user requests to add servers in user-desired locations.


Buffered VPN has good cross-platform compatibility. Their service can be run using a VPN client on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Android and iOS users can use the Buffered VPN app to enjoy all the features of their VPN on their device.


Buffered VPN was created to help expats unblock and access geo-restricted content while overseas. Since allowing people to stream content from anywhere was one of the founding principles for Buffered, it was necessary that they offer high-speed connections. Thankfully, they stood by their mission and set up a service that offers high-speed servers. The speed tests returned impressive results on a consistent basis. Speeds faltered a bit as the distance between the system and the server increased, but that is something that happens with all VPNs.

Customer support

Buffered VPN offers an FAQ section and email ticket system on their website. There is no live chat feature as of now, but that is expected to arrive soon. The email ticket service, though, is praiseworthy. Not only did we receive a response within a few hours of submitting a ticket, the response was curt, informative, to the point, and complete.


Buffered VPN is a service that does not offer many add-ons to users, but they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee to users. They also offer a unique port discovery feature, which looks for open ports in firewalls or restricted networks over which it can run OpenVPN. Not many VPNs offer this or even think about this. Users can also use Buffered VPN on up to 5 devices simultaneously.


Buffered VPN is a newcomer in the VPN industry and is still expanding its operation and improving its already satisfactory service at a brisk rate. They take their service and customer loyalty very seriously, which is evident in the simplicity and efficiency of their VPN client and their impressive customer service. There are a couple of things which need immediate notice, like their high pricing and failure to support Bitcoin payments, but overall, Buffered VPN is a decent pick, and users get what they want.

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