Karma’s Next Wi-Fi Hotspot Device with Built in VPN and Tor


This fall we will be getting a specialized version of Karma Mobility’s KarmaGo hotspot device that will include built-in security features, like support for private anonymous browsing through Tor, ad blocking, black listing and an integrated VPN. The Wi-Fi hotspot maker promises their customers a device that will be able to encrypt your web activity, add protection against intrusive advertising and malware, as well as hide your physical location and identity.

We will still have to wait until at least September when the device will go on sale to see if all these claims will end up being true. The Karma Black device, as it will be called, is also not stating specifics such as hardware specs or pricing yet.

It seems that Karma is also promising their current customers an option to swap their old KarmaGo for the new version once it goes on sale, which might prove as a good option to have due to all the updates the new device has, like additional security features and new hardware internals.

The fact that a privacy-focused device will come from Karma is kind of funny when you think about it. The company was known for promoting users to share their Wi-Fi with others, resulting in hotspot owners getting more data and credit to their account. If you wanted to secure your Wi-Fi and make it private with a passphrase, you would have to use Karma’s premium service.

It would seem from the company’s announcement that the new device will use the same 2G/3G/LTE service the KarmaGo offers.

Last year, the company tried introducing a new data plan called Neverstop that was meant to be unlimited, but it proved to be unsustainable. Karma tried to save the situation, but nothing really worked, and the unsatisfied customers were offered a refund.

After that, Karma had to revamp its data plans. The new plans were a little more realistic, and work on the system of tiers where you pay $15 for a GB.

The new device Karma Black is shifting the attention away from the data plan pricing and using the launch of the new product as a response to the elimination of FCC regulations that didn’t allow internet providers to sell customer data to advertisers.

Todd Wallace, the CEO of Karma Mobility, stated that the company is committed to protecting its customers’ privacy even with all the regulatory challenges. He added that being off the grid on the Internet is getting more and more important to people who don’t think that being online should mean they are giving up their privacy rights.

But despite all these promises, we’re unsure how the device will go in sales. Professionals won’t like its limitations and mainstream users might not even understand the innovations.

More information about the Karma Black should be released later in the month.

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