Cloudflare Just Bought Neumob and it will Save You Money


Cloudflare is best known for protecting Nazi blog, The Daily Stormer from hacking attacks. Then later retracting its protection of the blog.

With the aim of breaking into the virtual private network (VPN) market, Cloudflare the popular content delivery network provider has successfully acquired Neumob. Neumob’s primary product was a software which aimed to help developers speed up apps. The product also saw developers use less bandwidth.

In addition, the company also previously offered a VPN product which Cloudflare now plans to resurrect. It will endeavor to make the service more stable and secure. Cloudflare chief executive officer, Matthew Prince told local media that there is a real opportunity for the company to create a VPN which users will love.

The company officially took control of Neumob on Tuesday and it is already planning for its first Initial Public Offering (IPO). In 2016 Cloudflare was valued at $3.2 billion and it now plans to relaunch the Neumob products under its own brand. In doing so it will also move Neumob’s systems onto its own, but the two companies have not disclosed the terms of the deal.

Cloudflare is best known for protecting Nazi blog, The Daily Stormer from hacking attacks. It later retracted its protection of the blog. VPNs are dedicated channels on the internet. These channels allow remote computers to bypass firewalls and enables them to act as though they are directly connected to far off servers or corporate networks.

The networks also allow its users to mask their locations from their internet service providers. For example, a computer in Italy which is connected to t a VPN in the United States will appear to websites as though it is based in the US. For phone users who were worried about costly contract plans or internet restrictions during use, the Neumob VPN was extremely popular.

The service would speed up load times for mobile applications. This, in turn, used less costly phone data. Neumob was however forced to shut down the popular product early in 2017 following an announcement by a radio host in Brazil. While he simply promoted the product, it received so many new customers that the service became unsustainable.

According to Prince, the retail bandwidth in countries such as Brazil and India are so expensive that customers flooded the Neumob VPN network. He said that it became overwhelming for Neumob upkeep. Cloudflare now plans to re-launch the VPN service as a free consumer product. This will happen in the coming months with the revived VPN service running through Cloudflare’s global infrastructure.

The infrastructure is designed to withstand heavy traffic while the product itself will focus on high-speed and high-security for data transfers. At the same time, it will broadcast users’ actual locations. This will not make the service useful for streaming Netflix from other countries or bypassing national firewalls.

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