How to Install a VPN on Virgin Media


Virgin Media is one of the premier providers of Wi-Fi routers in the UK. It has quite a huge customer base in the country and offers the users some of the best internet speeds they can get. In today’s time, your experience of using the internet depends heavily on the router you use, and Virgin Media users generally have a good experience due to its ease of connectivity and extra features like F-Secure Safe, F-Secure KEY, and Web Safe.

These help protect user data when they are banking online, help them store their passwords in one location securely, and warn users about malicious webpages respectively. Overall, the popularity of Virgin Media routers is staggeringly high due to its efficient service. However, there is one issue that bothers people continuously, which is setting up a VPN on Virgin Media routers.

Problem of Setting up VPN

VPNs have become an essential tool to have if you want to have online privacy and security. They encrypt your connection to prevent anyone from seeing what you are doing on the internet and provide a secure channel for sharing sensitive data. VPNs can be used on all operating systems and devices, including routers.

Virgin Media users also tend to use a VPN on their routers to secure all their devices in one go. However, people often find it difficult to set up a VPN on their Virgin Media. This is because these routers are configured to block VPN traffic by default. You might have a VPN subscription, but you are still unable to use it on your Virgin Media router as it blocks the VPN traffic.

Setting up VPN on Virgin Media

The default settings of the Virgin Media routers block VPN traffic to pass through the router. However, the settings can be changed to allow you to use a VPN on your Virgin Media router. It does not require any technical stuff, and you can do it in just a couple of minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Connect to your Virgin Media router and open the browser
  2. Enter either or in the address bar of your browser to access Virgin Media settings
  3. You will encounter a login page asking you to enter the username and password. Unless you have logged in to the control panel before and changed these credentials, these will be ‘Admin’ and ‘changeme’ respectively. The details can also be found on the back of your router
  4. Now that you have access to the Control Panel, click on ‘Advanced Settings’ which is located on the bottom right corner of your browser and then click on ‘Yes’ to access the advanced settings
  5. On scrolling down the advanced settings, click on ‘Firewall’ under Security
  6. Here, tick the boxes labelled IPSec Pass-Through, PPTP Pass-Through, and Multicast Pass-Through
  7. After checking these three boxes, click on ‘Apply’ so that the settings are saved
  8. Try connecting to and using your VPN through your Virgin Media router now. The problem will be solved


In this article, we discussed the issue many people face while setting up a VPN on their Virgin Media routers. These routers are configured to block VPN traffic by default, but by making a few adjustments to your router’s settings, you can get past this issue easily.

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  1. My new Rasberry PI 3 is arriving today and I’m going to use it for Kodi, I previously used an Amazon fire stick but it just kept crashing and doing my head in so thought I would upgrade. Also as I am now upgrading I thought it was about time I got myself a VPN and have chosen to go with IP Vanish. My first question is how do I set it up? Is it just through a Kodi addon or from the computer which my Wireless hub is wired to? This leads me to my next question can I use IP Vanish with more than just Kodi like others here: ?

    • How many devices are you looking you to run Kodi off Donette? That will help to answer whether it’s best to set up VPN on individual devices or off a router. And as for your last questio – yes, you can definitely use iPVanish (or any VPN) to cover more than just Kodi.

  2. This is out of date. The Superhub 3.0 does not have the settings that you describe, it is a backward step from Superhub 2. Virgin Media should be ashamed of themselves, they’ve been mumbling about a firmware update for this problem for over 18 months. Avoid.

    • Thanks Stephen. Completely agree with your sentiment and actually updating the article as we speak to take in to account their lack of any updates.