Why should I use a VPN when torrenting?


Torrenting is now an everyday activity. However, many people are oblivious to the many types of dangers that they face when they visit peer-peer file sharing sites. Interestingly, it is because of the many hazards and risks that exist on file sharing sites that we need to mind our safety when we visit the sites. Therefore, the reasons as to why you need to torrent safely are because you face a lot or risks then we are on torrenting sites. Here is an explanation as to why you need to keep our safety when we are torrenting.

The nature of file sharing sites

All file sharing sites use technology that allows users to access content and download it to their devices successfully. The nature of file sharing sites means that the owners can access files from various other sites and make them available to users of the file sharing site. Therefore, when you visit any P2P site, you get a link to a particular file that you are looking for. You can then download the file to your device free of charge.

One common thing about file sharing sites is that users can view the IP addresses of the other users. As you download your music or software files, other users can see what you are downloading at any given time. Also, you can rate the popularity of files by looking at the number of people who are downloading it at any given time.

Although these features are supposed to make the process of accessing files accessible and transparent, they end up compromising your privacy. The different ways in which this can happen are as follows.

Reasons for torrenting safely

Here are some of the reasons as to why you need to torrent safely at all times.

1. To avoid DDoS attacks

DDOS attacks are common in peer-to-peer file sharing sites. Individuals who have malicious intentions usually target unsuspecting people when carrying out massive DDOS attacks. The reasons as to why some people carry out DDOS attacks against others on file sharing sites remain varied. However, it is common for attackers to do it for sheer fun.

2. Protection against hacking attacks

It is possible for hackers to gain access to your computer when you are downloading files from torrenting sites. Hackers can infect specific files with the sophisticated software. When you download the spoofed files, you end up losing control over your computer as a result of the malware programs. Therefore, you need to take safety measures to protect your device and data from the activity of hackers.

3. To protect your data

You can lose your personal data when you visit peer-to-peer file sharing sites. Hackers can take advantage of specific vulnerabilities on your device to launch attacks. The hackers can then access your private information and use it for malicious purposes. Since you need to safeguard all the data that you keep on your device, it is wise to safeguard it by torrenting safely.

4. To maintain your privacy

When you visit peer-to-peer file sharing sites, all the other persons on the sites can see your IP address. The visibility of your IP address compromises your personal security and privacy. It is wise to conceal your IP address when you visit such sites. Therefore, the need to hide your IP address and safeguard your privacy is an important reason for you to torrent safely.

How to torrent safely

The best method you can use to torrent safely is to connect to any file sharing site via a VPN account. A VPN account can help you to torrent in safety because it encrypts all your communications. Third parties cannot access your traffic on such sites when you are using a VPN service.

Second, a VPN service gives you an entirely different IP address and makes you anonymous. When you are anonymous, hackers cannot determine your identity. Besides, hackers cannot determine your exact location when you connect to any file sharing site via a VPN account.

Third, a VPN protects you against malware programs that some individuals spread on file sharing sites. Any standard VPN service will prevent you from accessing suspicious files. Besides, a VPN will protect you against all the common vulnerabilities that hackers exploit in the systems of many users of file sharing sites.

In conclusion, you need to torrent safely to avoid losing your data to hackers. You also need to protect your traffic from third parties who can take advantage of the nature of file sharing sites to carry out attacks against unsuspecting individuals. Finally, a VPN provides the best method that you can use to torrent safely because it encrypts your traffic and gives you an entirely different IP address.

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