What is SOCKS5 and Why is it Important?


Socks 5 is one of the most advanced of internet protocol or proxy types that are now in use.

SOCKS5 is an advanced version of SOCKS4 and other earlier versions of the protocol. The fact that it contains advanced features means that it is more efficient that all the other previous versions. Also, this proxy helps to transfer small packets of data, hence offering higher speeds than what the other types offer. Here are details about the technical features of SOCKS5 and the reasons as to why it is important.

What is SOCKS5?

Simply put, SOCKS5 is a new and highly advanced type of Internet protocol that helps to reroute packets of data between a server and a client. Primarily, SOCKS5 uses a proxy server to change the manner in which a client communicates with a server. SOCKS5 stands in-between a client and a server and changes the form of the data that the server and the client exchange in the course of communication.

For SOCKS5 to successfully reroute communication data between a client and a server, it has to scramble the data and generate an arbitrary IP address for the client. For SOCKS5 to generate a new and arbitrary IP address for a client, it has to create new forms of TCP or UDP connections. The TCP or UDP connections are also essential for the effective transfer of data between the client and the server in the course of communication.

The essence of SOCKS5 is to make the communication between a client and a server more secure. The process by which SOCKS5 uses TCP or UDP connections to create a new and arbitrary IP address for the client makes it extremely hard for unauthorised parties to access the server. Therefore, SOCKS5 makes communications between a client and a server more secure.

Why is SOCKS5 Important?

There are several ways in which SOCKS5 is an important internet protocol. Here are some of the most common benefits that arise from using this form of internet protocol.

1. Bypassing geographical restrictions

Many websites are now fond of restricting the areas in which they stream their content. The main reason for this practice relates to the need for companies that stream content to adhere to the licensing agreements they get to with content owners. As a result of this arrangement, some users in particular regions cannot access some websites.
However, SOCKS5 offers one of the most effective ways of bypassing such restrictions. The internet protocol uses proxy servers to communicate with the servers of the websites that you need to access its content. The servers only detect the IP address of the proxy server and not yours. Hence, you can use SOCKS5 as part of your proxy server to bypass geographical restrictions and access the content of websites from any location in the world.

2. Advanced performance

SOCKS5 performs better than SOCKS4 and its other earlier versions. Many proxy servers, including the previous versions of SOCKS4, perform poorly because they use data rewriting procedures as the foundation for their mode of operation. When proxy servers attempt to rewrite data headers, they end up mislabelling or misrouting the data.

Mislabelled and misrouted data are the primary causes of the poor performance of proxies in general. However, SOCKS5 avoids this common trap by not rewriting data headers. Therefore, SOCKS5 performs better than many other proxy servers in general because it does not rewrite data headers.

3. Increased connectivity speed

Furthermore, SOCKS5 offers higher speeds than many other internet protocol types because it uses UDP to enable users to transfer small data packets. Thus, if you are a regular user of peer-to-peer file sharing sites, you can experience higher download speeds when you use SOCKS5 than any other proxy.

4. Enhanced level of security

There are several ways in which using SOCKS5 can enhance your level of digital security. However, the most important one occurs when you use SOCKS5 with a VPN. Ideally, a VPN encrypts your traffic and protects you from attempted access by third parties. Now, when you combine a VPN with SOCKS5, you enjoy a highly secure type of connection because the two are perfect complements to each other. It happens that you may lose the connection to your VPN server at times. However, if you are using a combination of a VPN and SOCKS5, you will not have to worry because SOCKS5 will still protect you using its TCP and UDP connections.

In conclusion, SOCKS5, which has advanced features than those of its earlier versions, is a perfect complement for your VPN. Also, you can use SOCKS5 to bypass the geographical restrictions that some websites place on their content. Lastly, you can rely on SOCKS5 to download files at high speeds because it allows the transfer of small data packets and does not rewrite data heads.

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