Best VPN for UK


UK was once a very liberal place for internet users. There was no geo-restriction on their popular BBC and other services, and people did not have to worry about their activity being monitored by the government. However, the GHCQ, following the NSA’s example, has started to monitor everything that the people in UK do on the internet.
All your activity is monitored and detailed profiles of your browsing routines are kept. This takes away any shred of privacy users might have on the internet, making the use of VPN absolutely necessary.

Best UK VPNs

1. ExpressVPN

This VPN, based in the British Virgin Islands, has been providing excellent service steadily for a long time now. ExpressVPN has a great global coverage, with hundreds of servers across 78 countries that provide great connection speeds. With its superior encryption and excellent customer support service, users are guaranteed a great experience. If not, they can avail its 30-day money back guarantee. Although it does record some connections logs, these are only for internal use, with activity logs not recorded at all.

2. IPVanish

Despite being located in the US, IPVanish has been one of the best and most consistent performers in the VPN industry. With over 500 servers in more than 60 countries, IPVanish promises maximum uptime to users. It is renowned for providing excellent connection speeds and users feel secure with its superior encryption. IPVanish does not record any logs, offers VPN over Tor, allows P2P, and offers a SmartDNS service included in the VPN package.

3. NordVPN

Nord has become synonymous with privacy, owing to its double encryption feature that adds a second layer of protection to user connection. As an obvious downside, connection speeds suffer a bit, but with its 30-day money back guarantee, great customer support service and VPN clients, absolute no logs policy, and extra features like NAT firewall and internet kill switch, Nord more than makes up for its slightly slower connection speeds.

4. VPNArea

VPNArea is another good option for those looking to maintain their privacy in the UK. It is based in Bulgaria, safe from any data retention laws. Its connections speeds are reasonably good, it allows up to 5 simultaneous connections, has a great VPN client with an auto-kill switch and IP changer, and allows P2P as well. It also offers a 7-day money back guarantee to users.

5. Buffered

Buffered is a really good VPN service that has been gaining reputation constantly in recent years. It focuses on providing users with high-speed connections and sturdy protection from data snoopers and identity thieves. Its encryption is thus quite strong, and it allows P2P as well. However, it does keep some connection logs, does not accept bitcoins, and is a bit expensive, which is why it is placed last here. Nevertheless, Buffered is an excellent pick for those looking to bypass geo-restricted content and even those who want to maintain their privacy online.


This article broached the subject of the need to use a VPN in UK and which VPNs are the best providers for the UK.

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