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Thousands of Turkish Citizens Arrested for Downloading an App

Turkey Admits to Looking for VPN Blocking Technology

The country has been under strict internet censorship after the 2016 failed coup attempt. The seating government has been looking for ways to stop...
The VPN server can be shared with others and is relatively easy to control Jigsaw, the Alphabet cyber security arm of the company released a new project which they dubbed, Outline. The new program allows people to create VPN servers on the platform DigitalOcean, and then run them too. The user can also give access to the server to various team members. The program is interesting, to say the least, and it comprises of two vital components. It includes the managing app and the client function. The managing app As of now, the manager program is available on the Windows and Linux platforms. The company is expected to release a macOs friendly version soon. The app works like a web app because it is an Electron app. Before anything, Outline recommends using the cloud hosting provider, DigitalOcean, which is widely known. Outline also makes it possible for its users to create VPN servers on other servers but that just defeats its purpose. The program makes it easy for clients to use and create their own VPN servers. After choosing DigitalOcean as the preferred host, the app will open a page where they will ask for the password, login details and an OTP (one-time password). After the first process, Outline requires access to the DigitalOcean API, and that is all for the first step. In order to create a server, the program will choose the cheapest option on DigitalOcean automatically. At the moment, DigitalOcean has servers in various cities including Amsterdam, Bangalore, Frankfurt, London, Toronto, San Francisco and New York. After the process of selecting a city, the app will let you download a Docker image through which you can a server on DigitalOcean. The server’s software will be automatically updated hourly. The server hosted by DigitalOcean is also able to conduct security checks and reboot the system when required. After all this, Outline will give you one key so that you can control the server. However, you can also add co-workers and other clients to the program. The managing app can be used to create more servers, and even delete servers. You can also delete some users from your servers when they are not in need of your data anymore. The app also goes a step further by telling you how much of the bandwidth every user has taken up. The client The client (the users), can easily connect to the servers. Currently, the program is available on the Windows, Linux and Android operating systems. The company is also working on the MacOS and iOS platforms. The program has a single screen that lets users connect with relative ease. Even people who are not tech savvy can easily use it to connect. However, there are still some doubts about the program. The program is run by Alphabet, the parent company of Google, therefore there is always a risk of data being shared. It’s hard to trust Google when it comes to data because they might use it for advertising. However, Jigsaw has let the Outline program be open source, therefore users can look at the code to check if anything unwanted is happening.

Alphabet Owned Firm Develops a Program Which Lets Users Build Their Own Vpn Server

The VPN server can be shared with others and is relatively easy to control. Jigsaw, the Alphabet cyber security arm of the company released a...
Apptec's VPN-Interface In The Universal Gateway

Apptec’s VPN-Interface In The Universal Gateway

Companies need to interface their mobile email-servers and their own exchange servers. Traditionally, this has been the focal point for hackers and attackers who...
Apple Clears App Store of ad-blockers and VPN apps

Apple Sent Encryption Keys to China

It appears that Apple finally gave in to China´s pressures. From now on, Chinese servers will start storing Apples´ sensitive encryption keys. Not few...
First Public Security VPN Audit Completed by TunnelBear

VPN provider TunnelBear joins forces with McAfee

The popular Canadian virtual private network (VPN) TunnelBear was recently acquired by McAfee. However, details of the agreement were not revealed. The strong popularity of...
Onavo Protect, VPN that doubles as Facebook's Spyware

Facebook-Onavo VPN Uses your Data when it is Turned Off

Recently, some researchers began to express their worries about how the Onavo VPN app is working to gather information about its users. Although several...
What Dutch Smart Cities are Teaching us About Privacy

What Dutch Smart Cities are Teaching us About Privacy

As smart cities proliferate around the world, concerns also appear. India already took the train with the Aadhaar system to the point that many...