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Luxury Hotels in Beijing No Longer Offers VPNs

Samsung, McAfee Band Against Cyber Threats

As the future explodes with new technological possibilities, Samsung continues to expand its protection and security coalition with McAfee. Factory-installed malware protection Recently, Samsung has been...
VPN Simultaneous Connections

A New Chip, Energy Efficient Encryption

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers develop a new chip. They claim this can help encrypt 'Internet of Things' (IoT) devices. Also...
Onavo Protect, VPN that doubles as Facebook's Spyware

Onavo Protect, VPN that doubles as Facebook’s Spyware

Security is of paramount importance, especially within the ever-changing world of technology. Mobiles especially. This is where Virtual Private Networks (VPN) come in. If...
Antivirus Vulnerability may Actually Help Malware Infect Your Computer

Top Netgear Routers Vulnerable to Flaw Disclosure

Retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon are usually known for selling good products and what´s more is they, have gained much popularity thereby...
Hotspot Shield Accused of Selling Users Data

More Trouble for HotSpot Shield: VPN that Now Tracks your Private Location

With the identification of a new bug to downplay their reputation as a qualified VPN provider, Hotspot Shield may have some explaining to do....
VPN Providers See Spike in User Base During Sports Events

VPN Providers See Spike in User Base During Sports Events

Many VPNs report that they see a surge in the number of users during weekends of popular sporting events like the Super Bowl and...